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It was terrible I lost my car keys and I was freaking out. I looked for the keys for several hours but I figured I dropped them when I was running at the park, and now they were long gone. I found Locksmith Near Me online and they sent a technicians over really quick.

He explained everything to me before he started working, and got me back in my car in like 20 minutes. I should have just called to begin with! The service was great, and I totally recommend them to anyone.

Donavan L.

I had an old lock for my bedroom at home, and when I got home from work the lock was jammed or broken. I tried putting my key in like a million times and it wouldn't open! I gave Locksmith Near Me a call and it was such a relief. They were really professional and nice over the phone, and they had somebody over like 30 minutes later. They replaced the lock and knob and I had a brand new lock. From the call to the end of the process, it probably took less than an hour! I was very happy with this service!

Michele K.

Our locksmith was very fast, polite, and capable. We moved to a new apartment and the door knob was jiggly when we got there, and we kept putting off fixing until it was too late. I got home and the key didn't work. Our puppy was barking inside, but our locksmith was able to come, get us inside before anything bad happened! Very fair prices as well.

Briana T.

Well I did it again, I locked my keys in my car. I was running late for an appointment in my volkswagon, and locked the door for some reason without my keys. I used Locksmith Near Me before, and they came really fast before so I called them again. Needless to say they were very punctual again, and I really had to write a good review for them after helping out again!

Daniel M.

Locksmith Near Me was fantastic. I recently purchased a new home and I wanted to get a security system installed. I gave Locksmith Near Me a call, and they answered a lot of my questions over the phone, and the technician did a good job once he got here. He looked over the house and gave us some some suggestions on how to make the house safer, and we ended up getting an alarm installed as well as some new locks for our windows. Overall great experience.

Irvine L.


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(844) 245-7778



I can't say enought about a great guy and such a great company! I had just moved to a new house and was pretty iffy about the landlord who told me not to worry about chaning the locks, because he just did. While he was saying this, he was showing me that he had several copies of the keys himself. I gave Locksmith Near Me a call and not only did they show up quick they had it done very quickly and I was very very impressed. I have to recommend them for any lock and key problems. Very nice and professional, which I have to say is hard to find now a days.

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