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Katie's Story

July 09, 2015 Katie M.

Hello all, my name is Katie and I would like to tell you a little about my back story before I tell you how I encountered this particular locksmith company.

I grew up in a very small town in Texas with 3 siblings, 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister. We grew up being taught to be polite and considerate of everyone around us while being considerate of ourselves. Our parents made sure we grew up being polite to everyone we meet. Whether they are being rude and hurtful, you kill them with kindness. I turned 21 and decided to get out of there. It was time for a big change. I decided to move to Orange County, California. I have no idea why I choose this place; I have zero friends or family near. The closest relative is 1500 miles away! Being 21 and enjoying my amazing new adventure, there are so many people you meet in a city as big as Chicago. I’ve encountered people who wouldn’t even help me with directions and then some who would take the extra step to take me there. When you think of a “Locksmith”, you picture the news. I feel like 99% of the time it’s negativity on the news, so I’ve heard some pretty harsh things about Locksmiths ripping people off. Some companies would charge clients $300 to un-lock simple home –depot lock. So when I was locked out for the first time at my apartment. Oh boy.

I was terrified. I wished and wished that my big brothers were there to protect me like they did growing up. I didn’t know where to go, who to turn too, what to do. I just cried. I was scared that 1) inviting a complete stranger into my complex to open my apartment lock, who knows what will happen next 2) how much are they going to charge me? The only thing I could do is try. I pulled up locksmith on Bing and called a couple. I asked so many questions to 5 different companies before choosing the one I wanted to help me. I have high hopes that people act the way my family taught me how to act, just be respectful. 4 of these companies were not friendly; they didn’t care about me or what situation I was in. They just wanted my information quickly so they could get paid. I wouldn’t provide it. This company made the effort to get to know me and what I was dealing with. The young lady who was the dispatcher was patient and was able to answer almost all the questions I had and even when she couldn’t, she made sure she would get the answer for me within minutes. I felt safe with her. She was polite, kind, and very trustworthy.

When the locksmith arrived at my apartment he was very friendly and helpful, I had so many questions to ask him! Not only did the locksmith answer all my questions he did an amazing job opening my door! I’ve read time and time again that the aforementioned locksmiths more often than not destroy your property! Not here! The locksmith took his time and did the job right! He told me he always tries the least invasive method first before having to use the more brazen techniques of opening doors. Once the locksmith opened my door without a single dent or scratch he charged me next to NOTHING, I was taken aback! I couldn’t believe service like this could be affordable. This Locksmith company is quite possibly the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of hiring, I couldn’t be any happier!

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Katie's Story


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